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  • The Best Gifts of 2018

    Holiday Gift Guide 2018

    The People You Need to Buy for

    The typical backyard barbecuer

    Premium Grill Tools – $5.99 and up

    Cheap, flimsy grill tools suck. Even worse, some of those cheap tools can fall apart with regular use. Trust us, no one is going to be forgiving when you burn their burgers at the cookout because your spatula fell apart. Why not upgrade from those terrible tools?

    At Spotix, we have a large selection of grill tools designed to make grilling more enjoyable. These tools are made from better materials and feature a better construction than what you’ll often find at a local retail store. If the person on your list already has one of our premium grills from top brands like Napoleon, TEC, or DCS, you can even find tools to match their grill.

    Shop Grill Tools >>

    The up-and-coming chef

    Kitchen Cutlery Sets – $24.99 and up

    Premium knives make a great gift option, because they’re not always an obvious choice. “But all kitchen knives are the same, right? Mine are good enough.” Maybe, but the first time you use one of these knives finely forged from premium steel, you’ll never want to settle for good enough ever again.

    We have knife sets available at all price ranges, but if there’s more room in your budget, be sure to check out our high-end sets. Many of these sets include precision forged designs, beautiful hardwood knife blocks, or even Damascus steel.

    Shop Cutlery Sets >>

    The tech lover

    Olibra Bond Home Smart Wi-Fi Hub – $99

    If you want a “smart” home, you usually have two options: Replace everything you own with new, expensive products with new tech or adapt your existing products to work, often with decreased functionality or less-than-stellar results. The Olibra Smart Wifi Hub changes the game in this regard.

    This unique piece of tech connects any existing remote-controlled appliance to your smart home for simple control via a smartphone app. This unit allows you to replicate any command of your current remote and even works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and more. Now any appliance can be a “smart” appliance—even if it pre-dates the internet!

    See the Bond >>

    Another option for the tech lover

    iFlame Smart On/Off Fireplace Remote Control with Bluetooth – $189.97

    If you’re looking for a dedicated “smart” remote control for your millivolt gas fireplace, look no further than the iFlame Smart Fireplace Remote Control. Like any millivolt remote control, this system easily connects to a millivolt gas valve for convenient control. What makes this unit different is its integrated smart chip capable of picking up a Bluetooth signal from any Bluetooth device.

    Through the remote control and its accompanying app, you’ll have full control over heat, lighting, and fan controls through your phone or tablet. This device will even operate through a power outage.

    See the iFlame Remote >>

    The grill master on-the-go (or the couple with a small apartment)

    Napoleon TravelQ Portable Propane Gas Grill on Cart – $299

    The Napoleon TravelQ is a popular little grill with a lot of power. Despite its relatively small footprint, this grill offers 285 square inches of grilling surface and a 12,000 BTU heat output capable of cooking up to 19 burgers at a time—a truly impressive feat!

    What makes this grill great is its adaptable design. It’s a popular option for those who love to tailgate, because it can easily be folded up and transported to the site of the big game. However, we’ve also found this grill makes a great option for those who want a premium grill but don’t have the space—or budget—for a full-size freestanding grill. The proven quality of the Napoleon brand is the icing on the cake for this already impressive package—you can’t go wrong here.

    See the Napoleon TravelQ >>

    The person looking to build a cozy winter retreat

    Napoleon Alluravision Slim/Deep Depth Linear Electric Fireplace – $664 and up

    The weather outside is frightful, but the cozy contemporary styling of Napoleon electric fireplaces will always be delightful. These electric fireplaces can completely transform the look and feel of a room with relatively little effort. You’ll have the added ambiance of a beautiful fire, the inviting warmth of a powerful integrated heater, and a convenient remote-controlled design.

    These electric fireplace units are popular partly because of how simple they are to install and use. There are no gas lines to run, there’s no messy ash to clean up, and their efficient design won’t leave you with a nasty surprise on your energy bills.

    See the Napoleon Alluravision >>

    The patio party lover

    Napoleon St. Tropez Patio Flame Fire Table – $1,299

    Fire tables can often be the perfect furniture piece for your patio. By day, they’re a typical table to gather around, set drinks on, or have a meal at. At night, they transform into an impressive fire feature. The Napoleon St. Tropez tables are one of our most popular fire pit table models. With a simple contemporary design, an “easy start” electronic ignition, and a powerful 60,000 BTU heat output, this fire table makes the perfect centerpiece for summer and can even help extend patio season a little longer into the cooler months.

    It’s clear Napoleon kept the little details in mind when designing this table. The unit operates on a standard 20-pound propane tank capable of being stored within the base (though it can run on natural gas if you’d prefer). In addition, flame sensors monitor flame presence to extinguish gas if flames are lost to avoid pooling. Finally, a full CSA certification also means you can take comfort knowing your fire table has been built to the highest safety standards available.

    See the Napoleon St. Tropez Fire Table >>

    The amateur grill master looking for something a little nicer

    Blaze Freestanding Gas Grill with Lights, 32” – $2,214

    You can continually replace cheap grills when they fail, or you can buy something built to last. As the old saying goes, “buy it nice, or buy it twice.” With a Blaze Grill, there won’t be a need to “buy it twice,” because these fine gas grills are manufactured from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel and feature impressive cast stainless steel, commercial quality burners. These are features typically found only on more expensive grills, making Blaze grills an excellent deal for those with an eye for value.

    Additional impressive features on this grill include integrated heat zone separators, and infrared real burners, and interior grill lights. This is a no-nonsense product designed anyone can appreciate.

    See the Blaze Freestanding Gas Grill >>

    For the person who already has it all

    Memphis Grills Freestanding Wood Fire Pellet Smoker Grill – $3,599

    Some people are tough to buy for because they already have everything they need. In that case, you need to buy them something they didn’t know they needed like this Memphis Grills Pellet Smoker. This grill is in a class of its own with premium 304 stainless steel construction, thick 8mm stainless steel cooking grates, and an 18-pound hopper capacity for up to 62 hours of uninterrupted cooking time, because low-and-slow is key sometimes.

    What makes this grill special is its Wi-Fi control. This unique feature gives you complete temperature control from the Memphis Mobile App (available in the App Store or on Google Play), allowing you to remotely control your grill for perfect meals every time. Buyers love the built-in recipe presets, too!

    See the Memphis Grills Pellet Smoker Grill >>

    We’ve only scratched the surface

    We have tens of thousands of products available at, so this is far from an exhaustive list of gift ideas. Our team is available to answer your questions about all things fire. Give us a call at 888-977-6849 and one of our helpful sales elves can help you find the right gifts for your loved ones this season.

    From our family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

  • Smoking Basics: How to Smoke a Turkey

    Smoked Turkey

    Thanksgiving Turkey at its Finest

    It’s turkey time again, and this year why not smoke your turkey? Smoking a turkey is not as difficult as it appears, in fact - in many ways, it’s much simpler to smoke your turkey than the traditional oven roasted bird.

    There are several ways to enhance your turkey, from brining to basting (and I’d highly recommend brining your bird), but today let’s look at the easiest way to smoke a turkey: a simple spatchcocked turkey.

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  • Classic Italian: How to Make Grilled Panzanella Salad

    Grilled Panzanella Salad

    A simple recipe with a rich heritage

    The Tuscany region of Italy is famous for its simple yet flavorful cuisine. Panzanella is no exception. This classic Italian salad makes use of stale, crusty bread pan fried in olive oil and garlic—think croutons—and mixes it with delicious fresh vegetables.

    Panzanella makes a great side dish for plenty of meals. Its fresh and light flavor also makes it an excellent summer entree when you're looking for a meal that won't weigh you down.

    In this new twist on an old favorite, we've forgone pan frying the bread. Instead, we've chose to grill it to a nice, toasty dark brown right alongside our fresh veggies. This gives the dish a bold, roasted flavor that compliments the vegetables very nicely.

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  • How to Convert a Wood Fire Pit to Gas

    How to Convert a Wood Fire Pit to Gas

    Reasons to Convert to a Gas Fire Pit

    Wood fire pits may be simple to install, but they’re not always the best option for those looking to install a fire pit at their home. Many urban developments restrict the use of wood fire pits due to safety concerns (an uncontrolled fire can spread dangerously). Beyond that, wood fire pits require the extra hassle of always having wood on hand to burn. This requires extra storage space, and because the wood is often stored outdoors, you’ll often find it’s wet and difficult to start a fire.

    There’s also the issue of smoke. Though nothing smells more like fall than a nice campfire, you don’t necessarily want to smell like one all day—which is exactly what will happen if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction as you burn.

    Advantages of Gas Fire Pits

    Gas fire pits don’t have the same challenges as wood fire pits. These kits are safe, easy to ignite, and simple to install with the right knowledge beforehand. You’ll also be able to ditch the wood pile, and you and your guests won’t smell like smoke the next time you decide to gather around the fire pit at night! These are some of the biggest reasons gas fire pits have become the new go-to installation for restaurants, hotels, and backyards alike.

    Many wood fire pits are bought as pre-configured paver stone kits from big box stores. These make an excellent starting point for a gas fire pit. If you already have a wood fire pit installed, it only takes a few steps to convert to gas.

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  • How to Clean Fire Glass in Your Fireplace or Fire Pit

    How to Clean Fire Glass Image Header

    An Impressive Man-Made Option for Your Fire Pit

    If you’re looking for an impressive contemporary appearance for your fire pit, fire glass makes a perfect media option. This manufactured glass has been treated to withstand the high temperatures found in your fire place or fire pit. This special tempering process means your glass won’t burn, ash, crack, or pop when used, resulting in a product capable of lasting indefinitely—even with frequent use.

    Beautiful and Functional

    Fire glass does more than just enhance the appearance of your fire feature—it performs an essential role! Without media like fire glass or lava rock, a gas fire feature is too efficient. The result is an unimpressive, diminished flame. When fire media is added, gas must make its way between your lava stones or fire glass, resulting in a full, impressive flame.

    Fire Glass

    Fire Glass Maintenance

    Although fire glass is relatively hassle-free, you may start to notice it can become dirty over time. Fortunately, the process for cleaning fire glass is simple and straightforward, allowing you to keep your glass looking new for many years.

    How to Clean Fire Glass

    Step 1: Prepare your fire pit.

    Shut down the gas supply for your fire pit or fireplace. You’ll also want to make sure you give your glass plenty of time to cool if you’ve used it recently. (Yes, we have to say it. You know how people are sometimes.)

    Step 2: Remove the existing fire glass from the fire feature

    Do you have a bucket handy? If so, it will make this process much easier. Scoop out the glass and drop it in the bucket.

    Step 3: Wash your glass

    Fill your bucket with warm, soapy water. You don’t need any special cleaning product—dish soap will work just fine! Stir the soapy, watery, glassy mixture using the scrub brush of your choice. A toilet brush works well for this task. (We recommend a previously unused brush, of course.)

    Note: If you’re using an alcohol or chemical-based cleaner, you’ll want to give your glass a thorough rinse to ensure all flammable substances have been removed.

    Step 4: Dry the glass

    Drain your water. Lay down towels or newspaper and spread your clean and shiny fire glass evenly. Allow the glass to sit until completely dry.

    Note: If your glass is still damp when returned to your fire feature, you may experience popping. This is the result of water boiling off the glass. While this is temporary, it’s easier just to let all glass dry completely before use.

    Step 5: Return the fire glass to the fire feature

    Now that you’ve removed the build-up from your glass, it’s as good as new! Add the fire glass back to your fire pit or fireplace and enjoy your beautiful investment until the next time it needs a quick bath.

    Have Any Other Questions About Fire Glass?

    If there's anything else you'd like to know about our fire glass, check out our helpful fire glass buying guide. You can also give us a call at 888-977-6849 and a helpful member of our team can answer any remaining questions you may have!

  • Luxury and Performance Combine in Hestan Grills

    A Grill for Cooks with a Flair for Style

    Grills are often seen as utilitarian pieces. They’re made to do one job, and--if they’re sold at'll do it very well. For some, though, this isn’t enough. They want their toys to have style. For these discerning grillers, Hestan has created a full line of grills that are more than just cookware--they're a statement piece.

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  • How to Grill a Bone-In Ribeye

    Bone-in Ribeye

    A perfect meal for date night—or any other night!

    Preparing a restaurant-quality steak doesn't have to be an intimidating process. With a little prep work, anyone can create a delicious steak that's sure to impress.

    Before beginning, you'll want to read through this entire recipe at least once. This will give you a better idea when to start your steaks on the grill so they finish at the same time as your red beef reduction—no one wants a delicious steak with a cold sauce.

    Read on if you're ready to up your grilling game!

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  • Blaze Grills: An Affordable Introduction to High-End Grilling

    A Worthy Option for Any BBQ Lover

    Since being introduced on our website, Blaze Grills have quickly become one of our best-selling brands - and for good reason. These grills offer an excellent balance between premium quality and affordable cost. We’ve put together this primer to help you decide if one of these great grills is right for your outdoor kitchen.

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  • What Makes HPC's Hi/Low Electronic Ignition Kits a Great Choice for Your Gas Fire Pit?

    HPC's Premium Electronic Ignition Systems Have Returned


    Hearth Products Controls is back again with the impressive new electronic hot surface ignition fire pit kits. The unique high-low kits are the culmination of imaginative design, research, and testing, and they’re now available for you at Just what makes these fire pit kits some of the most impressive systems on the market? See for yourself with this in-depth look at HPC’s newest creations.

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  • AWEIS Electronic Ignition System Facts and Features

    AWEIS System


    Electronic ignition systems offer an added level of convenience when using an outdoor gas fire pit. With the push of a button—possibly even through remote control—you can control the flames of your fire feature and significantly add to the ambiance of your outdoor area. Among electronic ignition systems, the All-Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS) from Fire by Design stands as one of the best. Featuring innovative design and a rigorous testing process, these systems are worthy of consideration for anyone who wants to upgrade their fire pit.
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