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Service Parts

Service Parts

Ensure your fire pit stays operating at max efficiency

Control Valves

Ensure the gas flow in your fire pit continues to operate correctly. Find the replacement control valve for your fire pit here.

Control Modules

Electronic ignition fire pit kits are more complex than a standard manual ignition, but our selection of control modules will keep your fire pit igniting as intended.

Fire and Water Parts

Looking for parts for your premium fire and water feature? These unique units make a great focal point but require specialized parts. Find everything you need to keep your system running smoothly.

Pilot Assemblies & Parts

Having issues with your fire pit's pilot light? Not to worry. We offer a full selection of replacement pilot assemblies and associated parts.


Installing an electronic ignition fire pit kit isn't always as simple as "plug-and-play." These transformers will ensure your fire pit receives the correct power supply for your DIY installation.

Thermocouples & Thermopiles

Looking for a replacement part for your safety pilot kit? Our full selection of thermocouples and thermopiles will keep your ignition system operating at the push of a button.