Fire Pit Accessories

A premium fire pit deserves premium accessories

Lava Rock

For a natural look with a classic feel, you can't go wrong with lava rock. We offer lava rock in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to give your custom fire pit the look you want to achieve.

Log Sets

Transform your propane gas or natural gas fire pit with one of our ceramic log sets. These ceramic logs give your custom fire pit the natural look of a wood fire pit—without the mess.

Fire Pit Covers

Protect your investment with a quality outdoor fire pit cover. These covers can take the whatever the weather can throw at them, greatly increasing the life of your fire pit burner and components.

Burner Covers

Keep your fire pit burner protected or turn your fire table into a uniform tabletop surface when not in use. These burner covers do more than protect your product—they can increase the product's usefulness.

Propane Tank Covers

Integrate your propane tank into the décor of your outdoor space with one of these charming pieces. You'll be able to hide your fuel source in plain sight.

Glass Wind Guards

Keep the wind from putting a damper on your night around the fire with a glass wind guard. These outdoor fire pit wind guards will keep gusts from bothering your fire pit's flame, enhancing your fire pit for added enjoyment.

Ice Bowls & Lazy Susans

Get even more function out of your fire pit with a matching ice bowl or lazy Susan. These unique enhancements install and uninstall easily to ensure your fire pit is as useful as it is beautiful.

Gel Fuel

Does your fire pit require gel cannisters for fuel? Keep your fire burning with these premium gel cannisters available in single and multiple packs.


Take your fire pit from "good" to "great" with quality fire pit enhancements like fire balls, fire shapes, and artificial logs. These enhancements are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors to match your outdoor decor.

Access Doors & Vent Covers

Simplify the construction of your gas fire pit with our stainless steel vent covers and access doors. Vent covers allow air to escape, while also keeping small animals from getting in. Access doors allow hidden gas valves and controls to be reached more easily.

Timers & Remotes

Browse our selection of shut off timers and remote controls designed with convenience in mind. It doesn't matter whether your outdoor fire pit is in a commercial or residential application—we have something for you.

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