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Gas Log Sets


Gas Log Burner Sets:

Upgrade your fireplace with a new gas log set.

Vented Gas Log Sets

Vented gas log sets produce a realistic flame pattern designed to look like an authentic wood fire. These units require ventilation, but do not require a carbon dioxide detector to operate. Vented gas logs put off slightly less heat than vent-free logs and use slightly more gas.

Vent-Free Gas Log Sets

Vent-free gas log sets heat a room much better than their vented counterparts. They also use less gas during operation. A vent-free gas log burns fuel much cleaner, negating the need for extra ventilation. However, ventless gas log sets require an oxygen sensor to avoid depleting oxygen in a room.

See-Thru Gas Log Sets

A see-thru gas log set allows the unit to be used in enclosures with two sides. These gas log sets are aesthetically pleasing on both sides, ensuring you'll get a realistic looking fire no matter what your viewing angle.

Outdoor Gas Log Sets

Our outdoor gas log sets are built with superior durability to stand up to changing weather conditions. These gas log sets can also be used in an indoor setting provided the correct ventilation setup is present.