Patio Products


Patio Products:

Give your patio the makeover it needs.


Patio furniture from a big box store is great... if you want to replace it every other year. Instead, give your patio an upgrade and buy quality furniture designed to last through the wind, rain and, more importantly, many days of outdoor patio enjoyment. Buy it nice or buy it twice.

Tiki Torches

Light up your night with a tiki torch. Tiki torches are more than just a small detail to finish off the look of your space, they're a practical piece—great for lighting walkways, outdoor kitchen areas and any other area you'd like to highlight on your patio.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are an easy way to provide shade and privacy on your patio. Take a look at our selection of curtains main from premium outdoor fabric.

Outdoor Heaters

A sudden cold snap or extra chilly nights can put a damper on your outdoor patio party plans. Our outdoor heaters can fix that problem. These units are great for applications where the weather would severely diminish comfort or otherwise prohibit use.


Need a way to shade your patio from the hot afternoon sun? We offer high quality patio umbrellas designed to match your premium outdoor furniture. They're beautiful and functional!

Bug Soother

Bug spray stinks and is full of unnatural chemicals. Why not try a natural—and better smelling—alternative? Bug Soother is made locally here in Iowa and will ensure mosquitoes and other insects won't make a dinner out of you at your dinner party. This formula is also safe for pets.


If you're looking for the little things to make your patio even better, look here. Our patio product accessories can increase the life of your purchases and help you get the most out of your time spent outdoors.

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