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Fire Pit Log Sets

Give your gas fire pit the look of a traditional wood campfire.

You can't burn wood on a typical propane or natural gas fire pit without damaging your fire pit kit. To get a natural wood look with a gas fire pit, you're going to need a ceramic log set like the ones we sell at Spotix.

We offer a wide selection of ceramic log sets for natural gas and propane fire pits, meaning you can get the natural look you want while still maintaining the convenience of a gas fire pit. These ceramic log sets come in a variety of styles and can stand up to the heat of repeated use. You'll get the joy of a natural wood fire pit without the mess.

Be sure to make note of your burner size before ordering. The size of your ceramic log set will be dictated by the size of your fire pit burner kit.

Fire Pit and Fireplace Products

Rasmussen gas fireplace logs are among the most realistic in the industry thanks to their detailed manufacturing process. This process begins by selecting only the best pieces of real wood from which molds are created using a special process created by T.R. Rasmussen more than 50 years ago. It's this dedication to quality which makes every Rasmussen log set a worthy focal point in any room.

The Rasmussen brand dates to 1907 and a small blacksmith shop on Philadelphia Street in Whittier, California. It was here Danish immigrant Rasmus Rasmussen began offering ornate fireplace tools and screens to supplement his more traditional blacksmith services. Rasmussen Iron Works manufactured auto body parts, steel buildings, and supplies to help Allied forces in WWII.

After the war, Rasmus' son, Ted Sr., opened a fireplace retail store and carried gas logs. It was here Ted's son T.R. developed the sand pan burner still sold today. This burner, in combination with T.R.'s own log molding technique, helped produce some of the finest gas logs the market had ever seen.

Now in their fourth generation, the Rasmussen family continues to innovate and produce quality products to the same high standards the company's reputation was built on. Rasmussen stands behind the quality of their products to offer a lifetime warranty on all log castings and a two-year warranty on burners and grates.

Rasmussen offers a wide variety of gas log sets and fireplace burners. These systems can be purchased separately or as complete fireplace gas log sets. In addition, Rasmussen carries a full line of service parts and accessories, including firebox enhancements like fire glass, burner ember kits, and other artificial wood products.