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Cutlery & More


Cutlery & More:

Find the right tools to make your kitchen even better.

Sous Vide

Sous vide—French for "under vacuum"—is a method of cooking in which food is sealed in an airtight bag, submerged under water and cooked to precise specifications. This method of cooking was first discovered in the late 18th century and then rediscovered during the 1960s. Now, you can try it in your own home or restaurant with our full selection of circulators and accessories.


Your kitchen deserves better than standard silverware. Our knives and accessories are professional kitchen quality—the same products used by top chefs around the world.


Outfit your kitchen with beautiful—and durable—kitchen products manufactured to meet the highest standards.


You can buy drinkware and coolers built for everyday life, or you can buy YETI—built for anything. These products are built to the highest standards and practically indestructible. When you buy a YETI, you're buying more than just a bottle for your coffee or a cooler for your beer—you're buying a small piece of adventure.