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Quick Summary:

Building an outdoor gas fire pit creates a one of a kind focal point to enhance any patio atmosphere, but with HPC's HWI fire pit inserts you can spark the atmosphere with just the flip of a switch. That's right - HPC's uniquely engineered HWI kits (which stands for Hot Wire Ignition) provides complete electronic control to simplify the ignition process - no matchstick lighters or battery powered sparkers.

The Benefits of an HWI Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Kit

We've put together an informational video describing the unique benefits and features of using HPC's HWI insert for your gas fire pit, but we'll go into further detail below as it comes down to three main proponents: quality, simplicity, and safety.

All-In-One Unit

The HWI inserts are designed to include everything necessary to install this into a fire pit enclosure that's been equipped with gas and electricity - essentially, the gas connections just need to be made and it just needs to plug into an outlet and it's ready to go.

Superior Quality

Designed for outdoor use, the superior quality of this unit is key to ensuring a long lasting product. Both the burner and burner pan are constructed from 304 stainless steel to withstand the elements while the concealed valve box features a weather resistant stainless steel design to keep the control module protected.

Flip-of-a-Switch Control

As previously mentioned, the purpose of the electronic control is to provide simple and failsafe control over the ignition of your fire pit. HPC's innovative engineering allows this unit to work just like your lights - with the simple flip of a switch. Or, you could install it with a remote control or automatic timer to offer more versatile control options.

CSA Safety

The HWI units feature an ingenious design in order to comply with the strict CSA standards to ensure a safe unit. This certification is perfect for commercial applications such as restaurants, hotels, or residential properties that need to adhere to strict standards. The Hot-Wire Ignition process features a built in flame-sensing device to monitor the flame presence and automatically shut off if no flames are present.

The Conclusion:

The HWI Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Kits from HPC provide a superior product to create a one of a kind gas fire pit. These units are the top of the line for gas fire pit inserts and provide high safety standards to ensure a safe installation that's great for use in commercial projects.

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