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Doors & Drawers - Lynx Grills & Outdoor Accessories

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  • List: $2,559.00 Starting At: $2,329.00

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  • List: $1,409.00 Starting At: $1,279.00

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  • List: $699.00 Starting At: $639.00

  • List: $1,709.00 Starting At: $1,549.00

  • List: $689.00 Starting At: $629.00

  • List: $789.00 Starting At: $719.00

  • List: $849.00 Starting At: $769.00

  • List: $1,509.00 Starting At: $1,369.00

  • List: $1,629.00 Starting At: $1,479.00

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Access Doors & Drawers:

Give your custom grill island some added versatility.

Grill island access doors and drawers help complete the ultimate outdoor kitchen space by providing necessary storage space for your grilling tools & accessories. These units are designed to perfectly match the aesthetics of their respective manufacturer's product lines—ensuring your custom space has a complete, professional look from top to bottom.


About Lynx:

Lynx Professional Grills began in 1996 with a commitment to improving the market for grills and outdoor cooking. Founded by a group of stainless steel manufacturers with more than 30 years of experience, the Lynx team stormed to the top of the market for outdoor kitchens and outdoor kitchen accessories with products built to handle the test of time.

Lynx is often at the forefront of the outdoor cooking industry with many industry advancements like the Lynx hood assist kit, the variable temperature infrared burner, and premium cast brass and ceramic grill burners. All of these innovations are combined into an attractive stainless steel package with smooth-welded, gap-free joints for a truly high end piece of grilling equipment.

Lynx Professional Grill products typically feature warranties between one and five years with some components featuring a limited lifetime warranty. For more specific warranty information, see your product manual.

Product Information:

With a wide range of grilling products, Lyn should be near the top of your list when looking at brands for an outdoor kitchen overhaul. Lynx offers gas grills and smoker grills at a mid- to high-end price point, while Sedona by Lynx products offer a more cost-effective outdoor grilling option. In either case, you’re sure to find a grill and outdoor kitchen set you’ll take pride in for many years to come.

Outdoor Grilling Products:

Gas Grills

Built-in grills and freestanding grills are the foundation on which the Lynx brand was built. These units are some of our most popular and have even been called the “world’s greatest grill” by some. Find out for yourself why customers love these products.

Grill Island Accessories

Lynx offers full selection of doors, drawers, side burners, sinks, outdoor refrigerators, and more to help you create a truly one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen built to your custom specs.

Pizza Ovens

Who doesn’t love pizza? Take your pizza game to the next level with an outdoor pizza oven from Lynx and you’ll never order delivery again.

Smoker Grills

Get the classic woodsmoke taste with a Lynx smoker grill. These grills are available in build-in, freestanding, and kitchen cart models.

Grill Accessories

Find the right accessories to match your new outdoor kitchen. From grill covers to gas conversion kits, find everything you need to get the most out of your grill and protect your investment.

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