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Electric Fireplaces:

Shop Spotix for a wide selection of modern and traditional electric fireplaces.

Built-in Models

A built-in electric fireplace provides the warmth and comfort of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of a gas hookup or the mess of wood. Sizes vary from just over a foot to up to 12 feet in length, so you'll be able to find an electric fireplace unit to fit your wall space. A variety of colors and flames styles mean you'll be able to match your model to your preferred décor.

Fireplace Inserts

Our fireplace inserts imitate the look of a traditional log fireplace with a modern touch. Choose from options designed to look just like a wood fire or models with colorful flame settings.

Mantel Packages

A fireplace mantel package provides a convincing fireplace option for those who have always wanted a fireplace but lack the means or ability to reconstruct their house to include one. Plus, the mantle makes a great location for decorations, making a mantel package a great centerpiece for your room.

Wall Mount Fireplaces

A wall mount fireplace does more than just provide warmth and comfort—it's a piece of art. These modern units are great in both residential and commercial applications.

Outdoor Electric Models

These outdoor electric fireplaces make great pieces for patios and four season rooms. These models are durable and long lasting. Be sure to purchase a protective cover so your unit stays safe when not in use.

More about Napoleon:

The beginning of Napoleon can be traced back to Ontario, Canada, in 1976. This is where Wolfgang Schroeter began Wolf Steel, the precursor to Napoleon Grills and Napoleon Fireplaces. Since that time, Napoleon has been an industry leader in both markets in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Though Napoleon products stand with the best on the market, their entry-level products are also notable for quality manufacturing and ample features at lower price points, making them a popular choice among all customers.

Napoleon products are backed by their President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, which allows customers to buy with confidence knowing their products are protected. Napoleon has also been named as one of Canada’s “Top 50 Best Managed Companies” which recognizes their customer service excellence among other factors.

Napoleon Product Information:

Napoleon grills offer new and innovative technology at an affordable price point, making them some of the best sellers on the market. Napoleon grills offer a step-up from “big box” store models into higher-end grilling like the Napoleon Rogue and the Napoleon Triumph series grills. Toward the higher end of the market, Napoleon offers the Prestige and Prestige PRO grills.

Napoleon fireplaces are also highly sought after given Napoleon’s storied history in the industry. Napoleon offers a full selection of electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, and wood stoves, as well as fireplace remotes, fireplace components, fireplace service parts, and a multitude of fireplace accessories. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary electric fireplace, a traditional wood stove, or an efficient gas fireplace, you’re sure to find a product to fit your needs among Napoleon’s impressive product lines.

In recent years, Napoleon has expanded their product offerings to include patio products like fire pits and fire pit tables built to the same high standards as their gas grills and fireplace products.