Which Rasmussen Gas Fireplace Burner Should I Get?

Burner Basics

Valve Vanisher

Among Rasmussen’s most impressive design features is the Valve Vanisher. This ingenious design addresses some of the most common problems associated with gas fireplace ignition systems. This feature hides the black box that contains the electrical components necessary to operate the fireplace, allowing for a more pleasing appearance. The Valve Vanisher also removes the need to off-center or downsize a gas log set to accommodate the control box, which also enhances the appearance of your fireplace. Finally, the Valve Vanisher places the control box in a cooler, safer location within the firebox. This extends the life of the components and decreases the likelihood of the system needing professionally serviced.

Included Components

Each Rasmussen burner system comes with pan filler to act as fire media to improve the appearance and burn performance. For natural gas burners, a specially granulated white sand is included. Propane burner buyers will receive black volcanic ash. In addition, all sets come with Ember Magic, a unique product designed to replicate the appearance of glowing embers within a fireplace.

Several hardware components are also included with the purchase of a burner system. In addition to the burner and pan, buyers will receive a “whistle-free” stainless steel gas line and damper clamp. These parts will provide the necessary connections to install the unit.

Double Face Burners

It’s worth noting many of Rasmussen’s burner systems can also be purchased in a “double face” configuration. These units have been specially designed for see-through or two-sided fireplaces with viewing angles on all sides. The parallel design of these special burner systems ensures your fireplace will look great no matter where you choose to sit.

A Closer Look at Rasmussen Fireplace Burners

  • F Burners
  • FX Burners
  • CS Burners
  • CXF Burners
  • TNA Burners
  • LC & LD Burners

Burner Systems Available:

F Burner


  • The basic design works well in a wide range of fireplaces
  • Single tube burner design
  • Pleasing, variable flame with compact ember bed


The Rasmussen F Burner offers a simple, straightforward design for use under a log grate. The no-frills design of this burner provides an aesthetically pleasing variable flame pattern to simulate the look of a real wood fire and features a compact ember bed.

FX Burner


  • Similar design to the F burner
  • Features dual ember tubes
  • Vibrant ember bed


The FX Burner is similar to the F burner with one key difference. The FX Burner features the same main burner as the F Burner but adds dual ember booster tubes to the front of the unit. The result is a brighter, larger ember bed for enhanced realism and style.

CS Burner


  • Original design
  • Offers some customization
  • Strong, realistic flame


The Rasmussen CS Burner is the original burner design offered by the company. Its longevity is evidence you don’t necessarily need to change something if it isn’t broken. One of the most dynamic features of this unit is its ability to be installed either with or without legs. With legs, the burner system offers a clean look. Without legs, the burner provides a pit fire appearance.

CXF Burner


  • Combines elements of CS and FX Burners
  • Height adjustable
  • Full, realistic flame


If you’re looking for a truly impressive burner for your gas fireplace, Rasmussen’s CXF Burner may be just what you’re looking for. This burner takes the full, realistic flame of the CS Burner and combines it with the large, bright ember bed of the FX Burner. This unit also features a height-adjustable pan to allow for a customizable appearance.

TNA Burner


  • Specialized design
  • Great for tipi logs
  • Premium flame performance


The TNA Burner offers a design intended for use with narrow-backed Kiva and Rumsford style fireplaces. This unit adapts nicely to these spaces in a way a traditional burner cannot. Even better, you’ll still get the impressive flame performance Rasmussen burners are known for.

LC & LD Burner


  • Multi-tiered design
  • Burners integrated with grate
  • LC burner for smaller sizes, LD for larger sizes


The multi-tiered burner design of the LC and LD burners offers a full flame appearance for any fireplace. While the LC and LD burners are similar in design, LC units are intended for 18-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch sizes. LD burners are intended for use with sizes 30 inches to 96 inches.

Need Help Selecting the Right Burner for You?

Choosing the correct burner for your fireplace can be intimidating, but we hope this guide has helped you make a more informed decision. If you’re still unsure what gas fireplace burner system you should buy, give our team a call at 888-977-6849, and we will help you decide what’s best for your home.