HPC's Premium Electronic Ignition Systems Have Returned

Hearth Products Controls is back again with the impressive new electronic hot surface ignition fire pit kits. The unique high-low kits are the culmination of imaginative design, research, and testing, and they’re now available for you at Spotix.com. Just what makes these fire pit kits some of the most impressive systems on the market? See for yourself with this in-depth look at HPC’s newest creations.

The Highest Performance—and Safety—Available on the Market

There are several key advantages to the new HPC high-low electronic ignition kits. Most notable is the ability to raise and lower the flame height via remote control. This type of flame modulation through remote control has previously been non-existent in the outdoor fire pit world—most electronic ignition fire pit kits only offer a simple on/off control.

Beyond the flame modulation, these kits also include the use of their free smartphone app to offer Bluetooth remote capabilities. The new systems offer improved reliability and connectivity to give you a premium fire pit user experience—all from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone.

These fire pits offer great examples of the superior quality for which HPC is known. At the same time, these systems are built to perform above and beyond the safety standards set by the CSA. Among the most prominent safety features of these systems is the integrated flame-sensing technology. This feature allows the fire pit to automatically shut down the event flames are extinguished.

Additionally, these fire pits feature an internal timer and automatic shut-off for an additional level of safety. The internal timer allows for convenient programming of the fire pit to ensure shutdown at a pre-specified time. Forget to program your fire pit? No problems there, either. Auto shut-off extinguishes the fire pit even when you forget to do it yourself.

Get Complete Control from a Smartphone App

Smartphones are everywhere today, and HPC is the first fire pit manufacturer to wholeheartedly embrace the new technology. The new EI high-low systems feature a built-in Bluetooth antenna for a simple and reliable connection to an Apple or Android device via the HPC Fire smartphone app. This technology gives users the ability to control their fire pit from distances up to 20 feet away and integrate into your smart home system.

The HPC Fire app allows full control over the fire pit, including on/off and high/low flame height adjustment. The fire pit can also be programmed to ignite at a preselected time, so you won’t have to miss a minute of your party to set up your fire pit.

A Great Solution for Commercial Applications Too!

In addition to the standard app features one would expect, there are a host of additional options designed to appeal to the commercial user. If you’re a restaurant, or venue, or rental property owner, you’ll love the extra effort HPC has taken to address the needs of your business.

Multiple user access allows any authorized party with a compatible device to control the fire pit with a simple passcode. Additionally, multiple fire pit control allows users to operate each fire pit independently for greater control and efficiency. As a final benefit, an integrated self-diagnostic system monitors fire pit performance and provides error reports and troubleshooting tips as needed, so your guests can get back to enjoying your fire pits sooner. New Hi/Low Electronic Ignition Kits Available:

Ready to Order a New Fire Pit Kit?

These new electronic hot surface ignition systems from HPC offer an impressive product for any backyard or commercial space. If you have any additional questions about the design or capabilities of these systems, give us a call at 888-977-6849. We’ll be happy to assist you!

New HPC Electronic Ignition System Launch Video

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