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What is Sous Vide Cooking?

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Quick Summary:

Sous Vide (pronounced sue - veed) is a modern cooking technique that utilizes the advanced temperature control of an immersion circulator to keep a water bath at a consistent temperature to achieve very specific results, time and time again. For years, restaurants have been taking advantage of this technique to ensure their products reach precise results and now that technology is available to everyone. Our helpful video here is designed to provide all of the basic information you need to know about Sous Vide and the following guide offers a bit more insight into the unique process.

A Steak to Make Science Proud

Sous Vide is a process that is well suited to all types of foods and offers up a wealth of possibilities that would not otherwise be available, but in our estimation there's not a better way to demonstrate the convenience and control than the most perfectly cooked steak. In our video here, Chef Adam describes the Sous Vide process as he demonstrates on a beautiful piece of beef tenderloin.

As all of us who try to grill steaks know, it can be a difficult task to cook your steak to the exact temperature you like to eat it at while also achieving the deliciously seared exterior. The solution? A dip in a Sous Vide bath followed by a quick sear on a hot surface and you've got your perfectly cooked steak with almost no effort, and no guessing.

Sous Vide Steak Comparison

The Perfectly Cooked Steak - Every Time

One of the calling cards of Sous Vide is the extreme consistency it can offer. Take a look at the comparison between these two steaks. They're nearly identically sized beef tenderloins, one is cooked in a traditional method, the other Sous Vide. The classic "gradient of doneness" of the traditional steak demonstrates the varying levels of doneness as the classic methods of heat transfer can't cook the entire piece evenly.

Set it and forget it

Set It and Forget It

Unlike other methods of cooking, Sous Vide allows repeatable results with minimal effort. While professional chefs love it for its consistency, the unsung benefit is the ease of use that should appeal to many home cooks. Set your steak, chicken, fish or veggies into the water bath and move on to prepare the side dishes without concern for overcooking your food, a true "set it and forget it" method of cooking - a real time saver for weeknight dinner prep.

Sous Vide Steak Comparison

The "Under Vacuum" Part

Literally translated, Sous Vide is French for "under vacuum" which refers to the vacuum sealing portion of Sous Vide cooking. Vacuum sealing your ingredients into plastic bags helps create a safe cooking environment to survive what are normally thought of as "dangerous" cooking temperatures. Not only that, vacuum sealing offers some unique flavor advantages as you can seal herbs, butter, marinades, and more in with your food and "poach" it in the flavors.

The Conclusion:

The modern cooking technique Sous Vide offers many unique advantages, among them: consistency, time efficiency, and control. The opportunities are nearly endless to create high quality food with the same precise control, time after time.

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