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  1. Smoking Basics: How to Smoke a Turkey

    It's turkey time again, and this year why not smoke your turkey? Smoking a turkey is not as difficult as it appears, in fact - in many ways, it's much simpler to smoke your turkey than the traditional oven roasted bird.
  2. Classic Italian: How to Make Grilled Panzanella Salad

    The Tuscany region of Italy is famous for its simple yet flavorful cuisine. Panzanella is no exception. This classic Italian salad makes use of stale, crusty bread pan fried in olive oil and garlic - think croutons - and mixes it with delicious fresh vegetables.
  3. How to Grill a Bone-In Ribeye

    Preparing a restaurant-quality steak doesn't have to be an intimidating process. With a little prep work, anyone can create a delicious steak that's sure to impress.
  4. Blaze Grills: An Affordable Introduction to High-End Grilling

    Since being introduced on our website, Blaze Grills have quickly become one of our best-selling brands - and for good reason. These grills offer an excellent balance between premium quality and affordable cost. We've put together this primer to help you decide if one of these great grills is right for your outdoor kitchen.
  5. What Makes Everdure a Different Breed of BBQ Grill?

    Everdure products are now available at These grills and grill accessories offer a unique alternative to more traditional barbecue grills, from the visionary mind of award winning chef Heston Blumenthal but are they right for you? Check out this helpful guide we've put together to help you decide.
  6. What is a Kamado Grill?

    Kamado grills take their name from the term used to describe a traditional Japanese wood or charcoal fueled cooking appliance called a kamado. A traditional kamado was made from clay or other ceramic material to create a large urn or "egg" like vessel, similar to a tandoor, whose round shape and heavy construction allowed unique cooking benefits.
  7. The Thermodynamics of Cooking

    As a chef, people often ask me for cooking tips/tricks, or shortcuts to make their time in the kitchen easier. It's a tough question to answer- it's like asking a concert pianist how to skip all of the hours of practice and get right to mastering the piano. The point being that over the last few years I've spent ten plus hours a day honing and refining my ability to prepare and cook food, so how am I supposed to answer this question with a simple trick that allows them to gloss over the many hours of hard work (and many mistakes), making anything they do in the kitchen super easy and fail safe? It's just not that simple, I'm sorry - but isn't the journey worth as much as the result?
  8. Primo Oval Series Grill Review

    The natural smoky aroma and flavor produced by a traditional charcoal grill is inimitable - but nowadays there's so many different types of charcoal grills that it's hard to know which produces the best BBQ. While that may not be a fair question - beauty (or delicious BBQ) lies in the eye of the beholder and all - we do know with certainty, the Primo Oval kamado style charcoal grills are some of the most versatile BBQ grills on the market that produce some top notch 'cue.
  9. A Guide to the Three Types of BBQ Grills

    Cooking outdoors is a timeless American tradition, a throwback to the iconoclastic 1950's era backyard barbecues where friends, family, and neighbors would gather to enjoy each other's company and some really good food - there's nothing quite like the taste of a steak, hot dog, or anything fresh off the grill, it's ineffable.

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