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Spotix featured grills for 2020: Our top picks

Best Grill of 2020

Bring in the new year with a new grill

As we look ahead to 2020, now is the perfect time to take a look at some of the best grills available at There’s something for everyone on our list, so check out our favorite grills for the new decade.

The best “Value” grill

Napoleon Prestige 500 Gas Grill On Cart with Rotisserie and Side Burner

Napoleon has always been one of our favorite brands because of the great value they provide. Our “value” category doesn’t mean the Prestige 500 isn’t a worthy grill—it’ll still beat anything you find in a big box store. Rather, we chose Napoleon Prestige 500 for our value winner because it’s the best grill for your money.

This grill features many of the same features of more expensive grills at a fraction of the cost. Stainless steel tube burners sit below Napoleon’s distinct “Wave” grill grates to offer premium performance and professional results. An integrated infrared rotisserie burner and side infrared sear zone offer diverse cooking options for all your culinary creations. Even better, the entire package is backed by Napoleon’s President’s limited lifetime warranty. Few grills offer this level of quality at this price. If you’re looking to get into high-end grilling but you don’t want to break the bank, it’s easy to recommend anything by Napoleon, but this grill edges out their other models.

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The best “Entry-Level Luxury” grill

Blaze 32-Inch Freestanding Gas Grill with Lights

Blaze grills offer a premium product at a reasonable price point. With complete 304 stainless steel construction and cast stainless steel burners, the build quality of these grills rivals many more expensive models. In fact, some Blaze grills offer the option to upgrade to marine-grade stainless steel for even better durability—perfect for those dealing with the damaging effects of salty sea air on a daily basis. This level of durability actually exceeds some of the higher level grills available on the market.

Blaze owners also love the integrated features of this grill—features like flame stabilizers, heat zone separators, restaurant-quality grill grates, and a flame thrower ignition. These grills even feature interior lighting and an infrared rotisserie burner. Think of this grill like a loaded pickup truck—it’s not going to be mistaken for a flashy luxury vehicle, but most people would still feel a lot of pride in owning one.

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The best “Premium” grill

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E1060s Gas Grill on Cart with Power Burner

RH Peterson has been creating the world's most advanced gas grills for nearly a century, and their Echelon Series gas grills embody their highest vision of what luxury grilling can offer. At the heart of each Echelon, grill rests the unique E-shaped burners made from cast stainless steel and each rated for up to a whopping 28,750 BTU for superior heat output and professional-style grilling.

Beyond the superior construction, Fire Magic's Echelon Series grills feature some of the most unique bells and whistles found on high-end grills—features like the Magic View Window, integrated Digital Grill Thermometer, backlit LED control knobs, interior halogen lights, a built-in wood chip smoker, and the robust side power burner. This is a truly stunning grill and one you’ll be proud to show off.
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The best-infrared grill

TEC Sterling Patio 2 FR Infrared Gas Grill on Pedestal

TEC grills are the original infrared grills—they held the exclusive patent on infrared grill burners for over 20 years. Although their patent has expired, their commitment to innovation is still going strong. Each TEC grill features a unique radiant glass panel that sits in between the infrared burner and the specially designed grill grates in order to provide consistent high—or low—grilling temperatures.

The radiant glass panel keeps temperatures steady from front to back and side to side across the entire grill surface so there are no hot & cold zones on these grills. In addition, infrared grilling uses nearly half the gas of traditional gas grills and keeps your food moist as you grill. This grill offers one of the most unique grilling experiences available.
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The best charcoal grill

Napoleon PRO605CSS Professional Charcoal Grill on Cart

For some, the taste of charcoal can’t be beat. For those who are looking for a more traditional backyard BBQ grilling experience, we recommend the Napoleon Professional Charcoal Grill on Cart. We have charcoal grills available with more premium options, but as we mentioned when discussing the Prestige 500, Napoleon offers the “best bang for your buck” across the board.

With its simple design, the Professional Charcoal Grill will look great in any space. There’s more to this grill than looks, though. All stainless steel construction, adjustable charcoal bed with charcoal dividers for greater heat control, and adjustable air vents combine to offer everything you need for a great charcoal grilling experience. This grill also features a rear charcoal rotisserie burner—a unique option at this price point.
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The best smoker

The Good-One Generation III Open Range Natural Wood Smoker and Grill

The Good-One isn’t your average smoker—these are smokers designed to meet the needs of professional barbecue pitmasters. It’s for this reason the Good-One name is synonymous with quality, and the Marshall Generation III Smoker and Grill lives up to the reputation. This smoker grill offers the performance expected from a competition-level grill with its innovative design and enormous 2,703 square inches of cooking area.

The specially manufactured firebox of the Marshall provides perfect smoking conditions and prevents large temperature discrepancies—no hot or cold spots here. Adjustable, locking shelves ensure large amounts of food can be smoked at once, while an extended charcoal basket means you won’t be constantly refueling. If you’re looking to smoke the best BBQ you can, the Marshall will let you do just that.
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The best portable grill

Blaze Professional Portable Grill

A full-size grill isn’t always an option if you’re tailgating, camping, or otherwise away from home. Fortunately, the Blaze Professional Portable Grill offers a great option for grilling even when you’re away from home.

Featuring a flame-thrower ignition system, heavy-duty cast stainless steel H-burners, flame tamers, and 12mm hex cooking grids, these portable grills are built to the same high standards as the Blaze Professional full-size grills. The Blaze Professional Portable Grill even offers the option for an upgrade from 304 stainless steel to 316 stainless steel.
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The best kamado grill

Primo Oval XL 400 Ceramic Smoker Grill On Cart

The design experts at Primo have found a way to innovate on a centuries-old design with the Primo Oval XL 400 Smoker Grill. While most kamado grills feature a round cooking surface, the Primo Oval features its namesake oval design for greater surface area and dual-zone cooking capabilities for a grilling friendly design.

A large 400-square-inch cooking area provides an extra-large grilling space that can even be expanded to 680 square inches with the optional racking system (sold separately). There’s so much you can do with a kamado grill—grilling, baking, roasting, smoking, braising, and more—the possibilities really are endless. This grill is a true jack-of-all-trades. Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the Primo is its manufacturing process—all grills are manufactured in America from domestic materials, making this an All-American way to enjoy a cookout on the Fourth of July (or any other day of the year).
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The best “all-purpose” grill

Bull Outlaw 30-Inch Grill on Cart

Bull grills are a great option for many grillers. If you’re looking for something that’s durable, reliable, and high performance, but you’re not in the market for the more common Napoleon or Blaze offerings, a Bull grill may be perfect for you. The Outlaw 30-Inch Grill on Cart is a great example of why Bull grills are so popular.

Bull's 30-inch Outlaw BBQ grill boasts 304, 14-gauge stainless steel construction with 4 heavy-duty 15,000 BTU stainless steel burners for high-performance grilling, while the thick stainless steel grates offer a high surface area to create the professional style sear marks everyone desires. Bull BBQ's Reliabull Technology also helps make the most of your grill space and has improved heat distribution by 150% with the help of the Bull flame tamers. This grill is a workhorse that’ll give you many years of use.
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The most stylish grill

Hestan GBR30 Freestanding Gas Grill

If you believe your grill should be just as nice to look at as it is to grill on, Hestan has the perfect product for you. With the GBR30 Freestanding Gas Grill, Hestan combines robust durability, unparalleled performance, and elegant craftsmanship to forge one of the most advanced grills available today.

The GBR30 features a 321 stainless steel Trellis burner capable of 25,000 BTU of heat output per burner, flip-to-clean radiant ceramic briquettes, and an infrared top burner for searing and finishing food. This advanced grill also offers added comfort features like motion-activated halogen stadium lights under its spring-assisted hood, a one-push automatic ignition system, and an LED front control panel for easy viewing. Finally, the most defining characteristic of this grill would have to be its color options—12 striking options designed to perfectly integrate into your outdoor decor in a way that makes this grill as much an art piece as it is a cooking appliance.
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