Primo Oval Series Grill Review

A Versatile Grill with a Dynamic Performance

The natural smoky aroma and flavor produced by a traditional charcoal grill is inimitable - but nowadays there's so many different types of charcoal grills that it's hard to know which produces the best BBQ. While that may not be a fair question - beauty (or delicious BBQ) lies in the eye of the beholder and all - we do know with certainty, the Primo Oval kamado style charcoal grills are some of the most versatile BBQ grills on the market that produce some top notch 'cue.

A High Quality Kamado Grill

Kamado-style grills are constructed from heavy duty ceramic materials to produce a superior product that is perfect for outdoor grilling as the ceramics don't rust like traditional grills, while the heavy material insulates so well that the cooking performance is unparalleled. Primo maintains these same ideals featuring high quality ceramics that are manufactured here in America - and Primo guarantees the ceramic material for life.


Unparalleled Versatility

Staying true to the kamado-style cooker, Primo's Oval grills are extremely versatile in their use. With all kinds of high quality grill accessories and attachments, you can go from grilling to baking to roasting to smoking without much hassle - there's nothing quite like knowing it can grill a top-notch steak one minute then by using the ceramic heat deflectors , smoking savory spare ribs the next.


The Patented Oval Design

Beyond the aforementioned versatility, the Primo's patented oval design lends itself to even further cooking variation for enhanced results. First off, the unique oval shape is more ergonomic and grill friendly than the round varieties. Why? The wide spread shape is more accommodating to long racks of ribs, pork butts, or even to save you from reaching too far over a hot fire to reach the back of those round grills.


True "Zone" Cooking

With the oval design comes the ability to utilize zone cooking methods. With a simple charcoal fire built in the bottom you've got a standard 1-zone cooking space, using the unique zone divider you can instead build a fire for just one side of the grill and now you've got true direct and indirect heating zones for advanced cooking. Get a nice, hard sear on a steak over the direct heat then transfer it to the indirect side and close the lid and allow it to slowly come up to desired doneness for the perfect professional style steak.


We've just scratched the surface here into the possible applications for the Primo Oval grills - there's so much potential within the shape and construction of the grill which is why it's one of our favorites. Plus, the dynamic oval shaped grill is available in three sizes: XL , Large , and Junior in order to meet the grilling needs of any size.