Now Available: The Latest Napoleon Grills

What makes Napoleon Grills unique?

Premium grills can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t quality to be had at lower price points, as well. Napoleon offers premium grills for customers on a tighter budget while still offering a marked upgrade over anything found at a big box store.

Napoleon grills often have features rivaling more expensive grills. Options like infrared burners, premium ignition systems, and rotisserie capabilities allow for more dynamic cooking options. However, through smart cost-saving measures, Napoleon manages to keep the prices of their grills manageable.

Think you need to sacrifice quality to save money? Think again. Napoleon grills are made in North American and are backed by the company’s President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

Full Spectrum LED Lighting Control Knobs

New for 2019

Napoleons grills have received several noticeable aesthetic upgrades for 2019. One of the most obvious enhancements to Napoleon’s grills is the addition of Full Spectrum LED Lighting control knobs. These knobs have replaced the original SafetyGlow knobs for an enhanced ambiance in your outdoor space. Best of all, these LED lights offer more than just an appearance upgrade—they make for a much easier grilling experience on those late nights.

Do you enjoy a little extra flair on your grill? You’ll love Napoleon’s new proximity lighting feature. This new feature uses motion detection to project a Napoleon logo on the ground when you’re ready to grill. You’re not using a utilitarian appliance anymore—grilling is supposed to be fun after all.

Napoleon Grill with Rotisserie

Other notable features

In addition to Napoleon’s new features, all their longtime favorite features have returned. From Napoleon’s trademark “S” style WAVE cooking grids to the simple, reliable instant JETFIRE ignition, you’ll find all the quality of life improvements you expect in a premium grill.

These high-performance grills are also notable for their premium stainless steel construction. From the polished stainless steel body to the high-quality stainless steel cooking grids, burners, sear plates, and basin, you’ll find a level of durability sure to please even the most scrupulous grill masters.

Check out the latest Napoleon grills

If you’re looking to upgrade to a premium grill without breaking the bank, Napoleon grills should be near the top of your list. These units continue to improve year after year, and Napoleon shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Combine these great features with the first-class customer service Napoleon is known for and it’s easy to see why customers are loyal to the brand.

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