Luxury and Performance Combine in Hestan Grills

A Grill for Cooks with a Flair for Style

Grills are often seen as utilitarian pieces. They’re made to do one job, and--if they’re sold at'll do it very well. For some, though, this isn’t enough. They want their toys to have style. For these discerning grillers, Hestan has created a full line of grills that are more than just cookware--they're a statement piece.

From Perfectionist Passion to Premium Performance

Power. Versatility. Reliability. All in an aesthetically pleasing design. Hestan understands grilling is an art as much as it is a science, and their grills reflect this. These American-made appliances are the culmination of hours of labor by Hestan engineers, designers, and welders to deliver carefully crafted pieces.

Every single Hestan grill begins its life as raw steel in their Anaheim, California, headquarters. Steel is cut, grates are fabricated, and grills are assembled in house to ensure all details hold up to the highest scrutiny. The quality of these grills is legendary, which is why they’re endorsed by top chefs like Thomas Keller, whose restaurants have been named among the best in the world.

A Closer Look at Hestan Grills:

Grills Available:

Built-In Gas Grills

Built-In Gas Grills


  • 304 stainless steel build from top to bottom, Ultra-high quality 321 stainless steel Trellis burner
  • Infrared burner option
  • Whisper quiet rotisserie system for dynamic cooking options
  • Numerous convenience features
  • Customizable color options


A Hestan built-in grill makes a perfect focal point for any high-end outdoor kitchen. These grills feature 304 stainless steel construction throughout to ensure unmatched durability. The integrated Trellis burner goes a step further with 321 stainless steel for an even higher level of durability and up to 25,000 BTU output.

The grilling surface of these grills features an impressive easy-clean radiant ceramic briquette tray system underneath the patented DiamondCut grill grates. These two features allow heat to disperse evenly across the grilling surface to eliminate hot and cold spots, offering restaurant-quality results every time. Optional configurations of this grill include all conventional burners, all infrared burners, or a mix of the two to allow a greater level of customization.

Speaking of customization, one of the most striking features of Hestan grills is the optional colors available. Twelve vivid colors offer a level of personalization not found anywhere else. Color options may require extended ship times, so give us a call if you have any questions. When you see how impressive these grills look in person, though, you probably won’t mind waiting.

Finally, these grills feature many convenient features to help you get more out of your grilling experience. Motion-activated grill lights, a spring-assist Horizon hood, and a one-push automatic ignition system combine to form a brilliant package for weekend warriors and champion grillers alike.

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Freestanding Gas Grills

Freestanding Gas Grills


  • Features all benefits of the built-in models
  • Multiple cart configurations available
  • Fully matching color design


Hestan freestanding grills offer all the same impressive features as their built-in brothers--even the customization options. Going a step further, Hestan freestanding grill carts are available in two configurations: a three-compartment, two-drawer, and one-door cart as well as a double door cart. In both cases, the soft-closing design of these doors and drawers gives an added premium feel as do the commercial-grade handles.

The stainless steel body of this grill offers exceptional durability capable of holding up to the rigors of year-round use. Folding side shelves offer added food prep space, while the included sliding pullout tray makes it easy to access a propane tank as needed. The 360-degree commercial-grade casters round out the impressive design of this unit.

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Deluxe Freestanding Gas Grills

Deluxe Freestanding Gas Grills


  • Features all benefits of the built-in models
  • Premium base with fully matching color design
  • Optional double side burner


If you were looking for the grilling equivalent of a high-performance sports car, a serious argument could be made for the Hestan Deluxe Freestanding Gas Grill. The manufacturer has spared no expense in crafting this exquisite piece of outdoor kitchen equipment. This is much more than just a grill, though. This is a statement piece that lets others know you don’t settle for “good enough.” Rather, you’re telling the world at large you only accept the best in all areas of life.

Does this sound like you? Then you’ll also love the customizable aesthetics and premium components present in all Hestan grills. As an added bonus, this grill cart features an optional double side burner or worktop and storage--built directly into the cart--to ensure everything you need for grilling is close at hand.

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Additional Products Available:

Grill Island Components

A great grill is only the beginning of an impressive outdoor kitchen. To truly overhaul your outdoor space, be sure to incorporate matching kitchen components. Fortunately, Hestan offers a full line of products built to the same standards as their grills. Many of these components can also be customized with one of Hestan’s 12 vibrant color options.

Grill components available:

  • Insulating grill jackets
  • Storage doors and drawers
  • Refrigerators, beer dispensers (kegerators), and ice machines
  • Trash bins, chutes, and paper towel holders

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Want to Learn More About Hestan Grills?

If you’re ready to grill in luxury, give our sales team a call at 888-977-6849 or send us an email via our contact us page. We’ll be happy to help you find the right grilling product for you. You can also check out individual product pages for specific product details, warranty information, and related documentation.