Delta Heat Grills: Updated for 2019

What makes Delta Heat grills special?

A premium grill is more than just a utilitarian appliance designed to cook food—it’s the foundation of a great outdoor kitchen. If you want to create a unique space to entertain friends and family, you’ll need products you’re proud of. This is where Delta Heat comes in.

Delta Heat grills offer a luxurious, no-frills design to suit any cooking style, entertaining style, and outdoor décor. Even better, Delta Heat products offer the versatility to meet your needs with a full line of matching grills, storage, and other cooking accessories.

Delta Heat Burners

A classic design is now even better

Delta Heat grills have always been an exemplary option for your outdoor kitchen. Despite the continued success, Twin Eagles, the makers of Delta Heat grills, continues to improve on their designs year after year. Check out the highlights of the new 2019 grill models.

Delta Heat Warming Rack

New for 2019

Premium grills typically feature heavy-duty grill hood construction. This allows for better heat retention and durability. Unfortunately, “heavy-duty” usually means “heavyweight,” as well. This can be a problem for smaller or older grill users who are inconvenienced by this design.

For 2019, Delta Heat has addressed this problem with the inclusion of hood springs on all grill models. These springs allow for easier opening of the grill without sacrificing the heavy-duty design—it’s a win-win.

The second design offers an aesthetic improvement in the form of a polished highlight on the grill hood. This attractive design feature ensures your grill takes its rightful place as the focal point of your backyard kitchen setup.

Temperature Gauge

Additional improvements over last year’s models

While the new additions to these grills are impressive, the improvements on existing designs maybe even more so. With the 2019 grill models, Delta Heat took an in-depth look at their products and made several upgrades with the user in mind.

The first improvement isn’t to the grills themselves, but rather the product warranty. Delta Heat has revisited its existing included product warranty and made improvements in both time and coverage offered. For more specific information regarding product warranties, be sure to check out the warranty information on our Delta Heat product pages.

The design and construction of these grills have been updated, as well. A new light switch and harness improve durability for nighttime grilling, while the inclusion of a more accurate grill hood temperature gauge helps to ensure your recipes stay at the desired temperature.

An improved, heavier gauge rotisserie motor mount offers improved performance when slow roasting on the included spit. You’ll now be able to roast more food while also ensuring better durability. Starting in February, Delta Heat grills will also include a larger warming rack to increase total cooking surface space.

Check out everything Delta Heat has to offer

As you can see, there’s never been a better time to buy a Delta Heat grill. If you’d like to learn more about any of these great products, give us a call at 888-977-6849. We’ll answer any questions you may have before investing in one of these premium appliances.