Even if you’ve never heard the term “backyarding,” you probably already have a good idea of what it means. Backyarding is the trend of shifting indoor activities outside to your backyard. Though this movement first started sweeping the nation during the pandemic, it’s officially here to stay.

As a leading hearth, patio, and BBQ company, we’ve been following this trend closely. Our team has been helping people transform their patios and outdoor spaces for more than a decade, and we’ve seen first-hand how “backyarding” has exploded in recent years. If you want to jump on this growing trend, here’s how you can make your backyard the ultimate getaway.

A Backyarding Boom

The backyarding phenomenon has reinvented the way we think about our homes. Now more than ever, the backyard isn’t just considered a part of your property—it’s become an extension of our homes. It’s a sanctuary for us to spend time in, whether you want to be social—entertaining friends and family—or want to be secluded—unwinding by the fire pit after a long day.

Backyarding also changed the meaning of what it means to be outdoors. Outdoor living doesn’t have to mean tents and a campfire. It doesn’t even have to mean leaving your property. This trend has shown people they can live in luxury in their own backyards—and homeowners are capitalizing on that realization, with 70% saying that their new hobby is adding to their home’s exterior spaces. It’s a hobby they’re willing to invest in, too—a survey of 750 homeowners who were undertaking backyard improvement projects found that 56% of them were spending $10,000 or more on adding to their outdoor space. 

Creating Your At-Home Oasis

The best part about “backyarding” is that there is no right or wrong way to go about it. There are hundreds of products available to transform your outdoor living space into your idea of the perfect getaway.

Love to cook? Many grill enthusiasts are taking this opportunity to level up their backyard grilling setup. Maybe it’s upgrading your freestanding grill to a higher-performing model, adding a grill island with a built-in grill head, or purchasing an outdoor pizza oven to finally perfect your homemade pizzas. It could even mean installing a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, complete with outdoor-rated refrigerators to keep your beverages and ingredients cold. After all, why go out to a 5-star steakhouse when you can create that experience in your own backyard?

Another major area of focus is the patio. Every outdoor gathering area needs a centerpiece, and what better centerpiece than one that provides warmth? Fire pits come in dozens of different styles and configurations to create the exact look you want. Fire tables offer the same look and feel with the added bonus of being able to rest your drink on the edge. 

If you’re looking to make an even bigger statement, outdoor fireplaces are the way to go. Whether you opt for gas or electric, it’s the perfect focal point to round out your outdoor living room. 

Looking for alternative sources of warmth? Torches provide a tropical luau vibe, creating the ultimate backyard escape. Want heat without the open flame? Outdoor heaters are the perfect solution so you can extend your patio season beyond spring and summer.  

Top it off with an outdoor-rated TV so you can watch the big game as you grill out or chill out around the fire pit with friends, and your backyard will be the new favorite hangout spot in town. After all, why watch the game on a brewery or restaurant patio when you can gather around your own stunning fire pit at home?

Take Your Backyard to the Next Level

Whatever your idea of the perfect backyard, let us help you make your vision a reality. From elegant fire pits to the best grills, outdoor fireplaces, and more, we have the premium products to craft the outdoor living space of your dreams - reach out to us today.