How to Troubleshoot an Ambient Fireplace Remote Control

If you have a standard Ambient fireplace remote control and you can't get it to work with your fireplace watch our video above or use these simple troubleshooting steps to get it working again.

Step By Step Guide

Ambient Battery Powered Receiver Box

1. Locate the Receiver Box

Most often your receiver box will be located within the controls cavity of your fireplace, like it is here - check to make sure the wires are secured tight to the terminals. If your fireplace is working properly and your receiver box is in working condition you should be able to slide the slider switch on the receiver box to the "On" position and your fireplace should turn on. If it doesn't, you may need to have your fireplace serviced by a technician.

Ambient Battery Powered Receiver Box and Remote Control

2. Check the Batteries

The remote control transmitter and receiver box are both battery powered - check the batteries in your units to make sure they have a good charge and there isn't any damage from corrosion. Also check to make sure they're touching the contacts.

Ambient Dip Switches

3. Change the Dip Switches

If the batteries are good, you can move the dip switches on the receiver box and remote control to any position you choose - keep in mind, they have to match in order to work.

Ambient Battery Powered Receiver Box

4. The Remote Should Work

After you've changed the dip switches and they match up, the remote control should once again operate the fireplace. If you're not able to get your ambient remote to work, feel free to contact us with any further trouble.

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