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Inspiration Gallery: 6 Patio Paradises

Inspirational Projects & Ideas

What better way to start your next DIY project, home improvement job, or redesign than with the ideas and inspiration of our past projects. We've put together a varied list of different setups that focus on patio projects with a new fire pit, custom grill island, or other patio endeavors. Be sure to check this out before you get started on your own project.

Sonoma Pergola Inspire

Sonoma Pergola Patio Paradise

This backyard setup packs a full punch with outdoor furniture essentials from The Outdoor GreatRoom. Using the large natural wood pergola as a permanent focal point in this backyard complete with overhead lattice to offer shade during the day. They've also added a contemporary gas fire table to enhance the ambiance with a one of a kind coffee table that provides both warmth and coziness. The classic wicker furniture and deep seated cushions offer the comfort you'd expect with the look you want. With a patio setup like this, you know your friends and family wouldn't miss a chance to gather around and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Setup:

  1. Sonoma 16' x 16' Pergola
  2. Pergola Lattice
  3. Montego Gas Fire Pit Table
  4. 12 x 42 Inch Glass Wind Guard
  5. (2) Balsam Wicker Chairs w/ Dupione Aloe Cushions
  6. Balsam Wicker Love Seat w/ Dupione Aloe Cushions
Twin Eagles Outdoor Kitchen Inspire

Twin Eagles Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Located in sunny Southern California, this outdoor kitchen shines as a one of a kind BBQ paradise complete with a wide variety of outdoor appliances that are at once high performance machines and beautiful outdoor accents. The real star of the show here is the Twin Eagles 42" built in gas grill - the Rolls Royce of BBQ grills - that features a complete 304 stainless steel construction heavy duty 25,000 BTU burners for maximum heat and grilling control. From there, everything you'd need to entertain the most exquisite outdoor soiree is accounted for - a built in warming drawer, the bar & sink combo with margarita station, and our favorite: the Salamangrill for versatile high heat searing.

The Setup:

  1. Twin Eagles 42 Inch Built In Gas Grill
  2. 42 Inch Warming Drawer & Storage Combo
  3. Twin Eagles Salamangrill
  4. Built In Dual Side Burner
  5. 13 Inch Triple Storage Drawers
  6. 70.000 BTU Built In Power Burner
  7. Built In Bar & Sink Combo
  8. Margarita Station
    Homecrest Aurora Fire Table Inspire

    Homecrest Fire Table Focal Point

    Simple, refined, and elegant - an unbeatable combination for this patio set. Featured at the center of this piece is the Homecrest Aurora Series fire table that stands out with its complete marble table top and 65,000 BTU burner to offer a welcoming warmth with a signature style. This setup takes advantage of the beautiful built in pool in the background and uses our 1/4" Azuria Reflective fire glass to enhance the natural blue tones that accent the neutral colors of the table and chairs. Speaking of chairs, this arrangement includes both varieties of Homecrest's Havenhill Collection chairs: the Swivel Rocker and standard Chat Chair. All in all, this setup is a slam dunk for any backyard.

    The Setup:

    1. Aurora Series Gas Fire Table
    2. Havenhill Chat Chair
    3. Havenhill Swivel Rocker Chair
    4. AFG 1/4 Inch Azuria Reflective Fire Glass
      Fire Magic Outdoor Kitchen Inspire

      Fire Magic BBQ Island Hot Spot

      Sleek granite with a natural stone finish, this custom grill island creates an excellent outdoor BBQ station with all of the essentials for a great outdoor cookout. On par with the beautiful masonry, the Fire Magic E660 built in gas grill includes every high end feature you could want out of a grill and is gorgeous to boot. This grill island doesn't stop there, the built in infrared searing station, dual range side burners, and 60,000 BTU power burner all offer additional outdoor cooking space with a versatile range of cooking ability. All of this BBQ potential is backed with plenty of outdoor storage for your grilling tools and essentials and even features a warming drawer to keep your food ready to go - creating an all-around grilling hotspot.

      The Setup:

      1. Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E660i Gas Grill
      2. Echelon Built In Single Searing Station
      3. Echelon Built In Double Side Burner
      4. Echelon Power Burner
      5. Premium Raised Warming Drawer
      6. Premium Raised Masonry Drawer
      7. Premium Raised Double Access Doors
        Spotix Fire Pit Kit Inspire

        Spotix Custom DIY Gas Fire Pit Setup

        There's no denying the one of a kind ambiance created by a traditional fire pit - but the classic wood fire pit can be an inconvenience as you always need wood on hand, if it's wet it will be hard to light, and of course there's always the smokey smell that sticks to everyone's clothes. With this custom gas fire pit, you get all of the benefits of the traditional fire pit without all of the extra hassle - plus you get to design your own enclosure. This setup features a tapered circular design with custom stone finish and a thick capstone for drinks or kicking up your feet. As for the construction? Not that hard as our installation guide explains. Note: some components can't be seen in the image as they're installed within the fire pit.

        The Setup:

        1. Spotix 30 inch Penta Match Light Fire Pit Kit
        2. 36 Inch Stainless Steel flat pan
        3. (6) Flexible Installation Collars
        4. AFG 1/4 Inch Platinum Reflective Fire Glass
        5. Spotix 6 Inch Flange Extension
        6. 8 Inch Chrome Key
          Lynx Professional Outdoor Kitchen

          Lynx Professional Outdoor Kitchen

          This kitchen would make any professional chef proud. The centerpiece of this high-end setup is the Lynx 42-inch Built-in Natural Gas Grill, featuring one ProSear infrared burner rated at 23,000 BTU and one conventional burner rated at 25,000 BTU. This setup also includes the 30-inch Built-in Asado Grill for an additional cooking surface with two ProSear burners under the hood. Next to that is an added power burner for even more versatility. There's also a plethora of storage, too—from the double drawer to the storage drawer and LP tank combo. There's even a convenient trash storage and recycling compartment. With this setup, your house will be everyone's favorite for cookouts.

          The Setup:

          1. Lynx 42-Inch Built-In Gas Grill
          2. Lynx Asado 30-Inch Built-In Gas Grill
          3. Lynx 20-Inch Built-In Power Burner
          4. Lynx Double Drawer, 19-Inch
          5. Lynx Warming Drawer, Storage Drawer and Door Combo, 42-inch
          6. Lynx Trash and Recycle Bin Drawer, 20-Inch

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