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Landscape Series Electric Fireplace Built In The simplest and most straight forward ignition type, match light systems don't feature any sort of safety gas valve or pilot light - simply open the gas valve manually, and light the burner with a lighter. This type of system is basic, but without any moving parts it's always going to work so long as there's gas running through the line - and you can raise and lower the flame height for various flame levels.
Landscape Series Electric Fireplace Built In

A step up from match light systems, gas log sets with a manual safety pilot assembly help simplify the ignition process. The pilot assembly gets mounted on/near the burner and you'll manually light the pilot - leaving the pilot to continuously run as a "standing" pilot. Then all that's left is manually opening the gas valve using the control knob and the pilot light ignites the flames - simple enough.

Landscape Series Electric Fireplace Built In

The most convenient ignition option for gas log sets are units that feature a remote control assembly to automate the ignition process. The more basic units simply feature an on/off remote control to simply control the ignition while the more advanced units can raise and lower flame heights or even electronically spark the pilot light so you can avoid running the pilot light continuously.

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